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The Arab-American Handbook is the easiest and best introductory guide to truly understanding the Arab, Arab-American, and
Muslim cultures.

The book is an easy to read, non-politicized, fun (sometimes funny) quick read that uses basic concepts to demystify and
disarm often confusing subjects. This includes social and behavioral norms and mores, religious dictum and language, cultural
concepts and pop culture perceptions.

"By far the best short guide to Arab, Arab-American, and Muslim cultures . . . an invaluable resource."
       -- Jack Shaheen, author of
Reel Bad Arabs

"In the tense global climate riddled with fear, violence, and apprehension, Nawar Shora successfully
demystifies cultures and religions often cloaked with misinformation or incomplete labels.  The Arab American
Handbook has helped me in gaining a stronger, more accurate, understanding of the Arab, Arab-American, and
Muslim communities.  Ultimately, enabling the FBI to engage the communities more effectively and improve
upon partnerships."
       --Joseph Persichini, Assistant Director in Charge, FBI Washington Field Office

“Direct, easy to grasp, and often funny in its explanations and analogies, The Arab American Handbook is a
helpful guide to students, journalist and government representatives.  I hope it will clear up some
misconceptions about a much misunderstood people.”
       -- Helen Thomas, Hearst Newspaper Columnist

“Nawar’s  often humorous approach is original, fresh and more than that, it tells the story of Arab, Arab-
American, and Muslim cultures better than any other book of this type. It is a terrific read and offers an
important and non-politicized introduction to the culture of the Arab and Muslim World and debunks myths and
social implications often misconstrued of Arab culture that have served to shape the American collective
consciousness.  It should be mandatory reading and deserves a wide and thoughtful readership among
students, educators, professionals, policy makers and anyone interested in the subject. The insight you will
glean from this book will last a lifetime.”

      --Dr. Christine Schiwietz, Georgetown University, Department of Sociology

“Mr. Shora’s book is timely and much needed in our society. At a time when Americans from every race,
religion, and ethnic group is getting bombarded with the propaganda from terrorist groups, this book shows the
truth that the radicals are the threat and the minority and how the Arab-American community has been caught
in the middle and really no different than any other ethnic group in the U.S. - peaceful, loving people who
embrace our country. This is a must read for every American to better understand their fellow citizen and
overcome the ignorance most of us share.”

      --Jeffery A. Hawkins, Executive Director, Christian Security Network

It also has a range of helpful guest essays by notable personalities, including professors, advocates, comedians, government
officials, and military personnel.

The Arab-American Handbook is based on the highly successful seminar program conducted by author, Nawar Shora, over the
past eight years.

His seminars have been proven time and time again with academic institutions, interfaith communities, church groups,
corporate settings, and local, state, and federal law enforcement. This includes close efforts with entities such as the
Washington, DC Metro Police Department, Department of Homeland Security, and numerous facets of the FBI.

Published January 8, 2009 by
Cune Press
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